Wednesday, March 21, 2012


the sun is coming up earlier.  my alarm clock beams on my face, and i have no choice but to greet the day.  i roll over and see you next to me.  you seem blissfully unaware that it's time to get up.
instead of answering a chorus for food, i look closely at you.
all your hair is black, black, and more black.  eyelashes, beard stubble, eyebrows, chest hair, and so so much on your head.  i look closer, and see your eye twitching underneath your eyelid.  where is your mind?  Neverland?  Wonderland?
can you feel me, blue eyes searching where brown eyes can't question back?
i enjoy this one sided conversation as i miss your hand sliding on my white, white leg.

i'll let you sleep more, unwinding from pale-green soft sheets to put on coffee.
as i crawl over you, i make sure to kiss the curved bone at the top of your cheek.

are you dreaming of me now?